Working in the hospitality industry is a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture, learn a language, make new friends and build fantastic skills for your cv!

Your ability to put yourself out of your comfort zone to live and work in a different culture will truly set you apart from the job competition.


Take a look at the mix of opportunities available in Iceland, France or Mauritius depending on your skills and interests.


If you’d like more details, then simply request an Information Pack (which will be emailed to you straight away) or call us on 01803 321210 and we’ll be happy to help you take the next steps to your global working adventure.

“I had a fantastic time in Iceland thanks to TTPL. I would definitely recommend working in a different country and culture – I gained new skills and experiences that I’ll never forget.” Sofia, 21

“Many of the jobs I’m interested in require demonstrable cultural awareness and experience, as well as being able to adapt to new situations quickly. My work placement in Germany has given me an advantage, experiencing these things both professionally and more informally.” Clara, 21

“The team at TTPL Global helped me through the whole process of arranging my work placement in Canada. They helped me with application, visa paperwork and matched me with a great farm and host family in Alberta.” George, 23

“The service offered by TTPL was fantastic – from the organisation of my work placement, living arrangements and consistent communication whilst I was on my placement.” Aiden, 21

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